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Create together

with anyone, anywhere, no compromises

Collaborate on the infinite video canvas

Storyboard, ideate and edit together

The canvas is a free form way to start your story collaboratively, working together in real time. Create a storyboard, experiment with stock media to get the mood right. Add and organize source media, easily make selects and create sequences. Duplicate and experiment with different cuts. Leave notes and comments for your team. 

Fine tune edits with the powerful timeline editor

Powerful, fast, precision editing

When you're ready to fine tune a scene, head to the timeline. Drag & drop, snap, sequence, trim, split, ripple, roll, you get it. Fully featured editing by anyone, anywhere. Layer tracks, scale and crop. Use familiar keyboard shortcuts to blaze through your edit. 

Share projects & source media with one click

Keep your team in sync

No more sharing project folders, sync'ing media and troubleshooting issues in order to edit someone else's project. No more exporting and waiting for uploads for review. With Scenery you can share source, projects and reviews easily so your team is always in sync.

Review Versions instantly without rendering

Shorten review cycles and save time

Send reviews to stakeholders any time and they will always see the latest version live. Make changes during live reviews to get to final faster.

Save time by editing & while uploading media

Collaborate, comment and make selects

Collaboratively organize source assets. Invite stakeholders to add and review content. Import from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box as well as Webcam video, Audio & Screen Capture. Add folders, tags, search and more.

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