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Enter your Professional Information for
Scenery's freelance video editor list

Thanks for your interest in being a part of Scenery’s Freelance Video Editor List 


 How It Works: 

  • Sign up to be a part of the community by filling out the form below

  • After a quick review of your work, your name, website, and details about your type of work will be publicly shared on Scenery's website

  • We ask, but don't require, that you use Scenery as much as possible for collaborating with referred clients work that you receive because of Scenery's promotion of you

  • We hope you'll be an engaged member of the Scenery community by providing user feedback and sharing the word about Scenery  

What types of videos do you create? (select all that apply)

Thanks for submitting! We'll be reviewing your application and will get back to you soon. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please reach out to Scenery’s Community Manager Liza.

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