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Like Google Docs and Figma... for video editing 

Upload videos. Put clips together. Make edits. Share projects. Work together in real time.
Get to your finished product quickly.

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Lay out your video faster

Scenery’s signature canvas mode is a collaborative workplace for you and your teammates to simultaneously put your video together. You can even make notes right on the canvas. 

Make all the titles you could ever imagine

Whether you’re making TikTok videos or educational marketing videos, titles are important. With Scenery's titles features, you can customize everything from the animation to font background color.

Put it all together

The traditional timeline editor in Scenery allows you to put your full clip together. If you have video editing experience, your favorite shortcuts are ready to use, such as using i and o keys to choose ranges.

Give and receive feedback

Scenery keeps your feedback all together in-app which means it's easy to keep track of and implement. The result: faster turnaround time.

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Store files directly in Scenery

No need for Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other file storage. Store all your files directly in Scenery, for free. You can even sort them into collections.

Keep all of your brand items together

If you have logos or other brand assets, you can compile and store them in Scenery. They’ll be ready to go for whenever you need them.

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Record screencasts and add voice over

Need to add voice over or record yourself talking? Scenery lets you do all of this, directly in the platform. No need for other programs.

Asynchronously collaborate with teammates

For those on your team who want to share feedback on a project, you can give them access. You can decide whether they have full editing access or review-only access.
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Make comments on a specific part of the video 

Scenery takes the guesswork out of feedback. Share your thoughts on an exact portion of a scene. Everyone will be on the same page which speeds up the review process.

Export the way you need to

Publishing to YouTube? Scenery has a built in capability to export to YouTube. You can also export to a movie which you can take anywhere you need. And even if you want to go make further changes in Premiere Pro, you can export to XML.

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Keep all your projects in one place

You might want to make changes to your video in the future. You can do so easily because Scenery doesn’t just save your completed version, but also the full versions with edits.

Ways to use Scenery

Social media

TikTok. Instagram. YouTube (Shorts). Make them all, and many other video formats in Scenery. No need to create a new project for each version. Scenery’s canvas is your place to put together every format you could imagine and you can review them altogether.

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 11.38.27 AM.png


You very well might need multiple versions of an ad. Make 15, 30, and 60 second ads all in one screen on the canvas. Save time on the review process by inviting others into the project as you make real-time revisions.

Website videos

That first video someone sees on your website? It’s important and Scenery wants to help you nail it. Advanced titling and all the other features you might expect are ready to go.


With Scenery, multiple people can have access to the same project which means you can streamline and expedite your asset compilation process. Scenery also has an assortment of transitions which you can use to go between photos.

Birthday/tribute videos

Have many people sharing videos and photos for a celebration? No need to be the middle-person aggregating a bunch of videos. People will upload directly to Scenery and you can do the editing from there.

Learning & development

Creating educational videos? Consistency is key, which is why Scenery makes it easy for you to keep your logos and brand assets in one place. L&D videos can be tedious to make, but Scenery makes it faster by storing & working on them in one place.

Political campaigns

When providing content for clients, often times various social versions will be required. Scenery allows you to quickly create multiple versions of an ad campaign. You can also give review access to clients, so they can take a look a the various versions while the edit is still in progress.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 10.40 1 (1).png

Re-using videos

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 11.38.27 AM.png

Change video formats

Want to use the same video for YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook? Well, you’ll need different file format sizes. In Scenery, it’s as easy as copy and pasting the same video and changing the format of each video. You can make many versions with different formats, all in one screen.

Update information

Things change, whether it be dates, affiliations, or rules. With Scenery, you directly modify the information you want to... in real time— no being dependent on someone else’s schedule.

Why Scenery is the ideal tool for you (and your team if you have one!)


Keep all your videos, logos, and projects in one place


Work with others in real time in Scenery’s signature canvas mode


Make edits in a classic timeline editor


Others on your team can review videos & make comments


Export to YouTube, movie, or XML depending on your needs


Easy to make changes and reuse content
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