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Create together

with anyone, anywhere, no compromises

Sequence Clips

Arrange, split, trim ,and ripple

Need to share a video or receive feedback?

Simply share the link.

Stakeholders can review the edit in real-time and instantly see changes. No need to re-render and re-upload.

Customize titles and text

From TikTok titles to lower thirds

Catch the attention of your audience with great titles. Customize fonts, placement, and scale. Choose, colors, borders, shadows, opacity, and more. Animate and add lines. Full-featured text for your videos.

Group 1.png

Animate titles

Add motion to your titles

Text can help you communicate your message more effectively. Choose from preset animations or customize your animations.

Video effects

Choose from over 20 effects

Emphasize your video with effects that can be fine-tuned and customized. CRT filters, old film, blurs, and more. 

Group 2 (1).png


Elevate your video with transitions

From simple fades to full screen wipes, transitions will enhance your story. Polish the transitions to achieve the look you desire. 

Color Grading,  White Balance & LUTS

Better color for a better story

Adjust color and white balance. Add LUTS for your team to apply to any video. 

Fade, split, and boost audio

Control your audio in every layer

Layer audio, split, trim, and edit your audio tracks. Apply fades and boost or reduce levels. Separate audio from video for precise editing. 

Chroma key for green screen

Enhance gaming and presentation videos

Import a video shot with a green screen, then apply the chroma key filter to remove the background. Add the clip as a layer, then position and scale to your liking. 

Group 3.png

Record voice-overs in-sync with video

Voice artists can record directly into the project

It's simple to add voice-overs to video right in the project. Invite your voice artists to record over a video in the project remotely. Paste in a script for them to read on the canvas. Get the video ready and they can record while playing out the video. Layer multiple tracks, boost audio, and more. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 7.46 1.png

Record webcam into projects together

Record simultaneous multi-camera discussions right into the project 

It's easy to have your team or collaborators record video straight from their webcam into a project. Scenery lets teams record from script or record together from anywhere. Invite collaborators into the project. Set up instructions, templates, or other video assets. Press record and everyone's video will go straight into the project. 

Group 9.png

Add Lottie Animations

Upload Lottie JSON files and add them as layers

Do you want to add some fun animations to your video? Drag and drop Lottie files into Scenery ( is a great source). You can also use the bodymovin after effects plugin to export JSON files and upload to Scenery.

Rotate, scale and crop videos and images

Rotate and align media

Scenery has robust controls for aligning your media and rotating images and video layers. Simply input a rotation value or adjust the slider. 

Group 8.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 3.53.37 PM.png

Publish to Multiple Formats

16:9, 1:1, 9:16 for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Easily duplicate Scenes and change settings for publishing to Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Simply copy or duplicate a finished scene, change the Scene settings (e.g. to 1:1 for Twitter) and preview both videos in the same canvas.

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