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Store media, create rough cuts, share and review drafts. With your team, all in one place.

Scenery supercharges your team's Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro workflow for faster results.

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Collect and store files directly in Scenery

No need for Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other file storage. Store all your files directly in Scenery, for free. If you have clients sharing files with you, they can upload to your Scenery project— no need for you to be in the middle.

Keep brand assets together

Are you a freelancer with brand assets from many clients? Make a team in Scenery for each client and keep each client’s logos and other assets organized. They’ll be ready to go for whenever you need them.

Brand assets in Scenery

Quickly get to a rough cut

Scenery’s canvas mode is a visual workplace where you can start to assemble a first cut of your video. If you want, you can share your project with collaborators or clients so that way they can provide input.

Keep editing in Scenery or export to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro

Scenery has a timeline editor you can use to work on your project. If you prefer to take your rough cut to Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, you can export directly from Scenery to XML.

Share drafts with your client or team

For your clients or those on your team who want to see a draft of the project, you can give them access in Scenery.

Make comments on a specific range or frame 

Scenery takes the guesswork out of feedback. Share your thoughts on an exact portion of a scene. Everyone will be on the same page which speeds up the review process.

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Keep all feedback together

Goodbye, email. Scenery keeps your feedback all together in-app which means all feedback is simple to discover and implement.

Export the way you need to

Publishing to YouTube? Scenery has a built in capability to export to YouTube. You can also export to a movie which you can take anywhere you need. And even if you want to go make further changes in Premiere Pro, you can export to XML.

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